Romans 8:28 states, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” For that reason, I would like to thank: my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for calling upon me; my mom and dad for their prayers that kept me alive through my teens; my sister Donna and her husband for all their help; my wonderful wife, for being grounded in the Word and supporting my long hours of study; my two sons, who have given me the opportunity to experience the true love of what a son means to a father; my pastor, Chuck Smith, of Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa, for his anointed, sound, biblical teaching; Pastor Carl Westerlund, for always being there and for writing the forward on my book; all of our friends at Calvary Chapel’s Monday night Bible study; the Harvest praise band for their encouragement; the sisters in daycare for all of their love and patience for the children; Greg Laurie for his powerful messages; Cathe Laurie for her inspiration; Tara Inouye for all her hours donated to the ministry; Greg Dowd for being a great friend; Tom and LaDonna Jaso for their years of prayers and support; the members of Psalms Praise Band for being faithful to our China ministry; Felice Ip, for putting together our Mandarin song lyrics, Pastor Dave from Calvary Chapel Pacific Hills for letting us rehearse at the church; Pastor Brian Brodersen for helping me out with Calvary Chapel Bible College and David, Latisha and Lukas for their friendship, love and help.

May the Grace and Peace of Jesus Christ be with all of you!

In His name,

John Michael Mendola